What is Aimybox

Aimybox is an open source voice assistant that can be embedded into any application or device. It provides the next features:

open source SDK for Android developers
open source embeddable voice assistant
online platform for voice skills managing
ready for use modules of speech recognition libraries and voices
connections for any NLU providers

Who can use Aimybox

Aimybox is under Apache 2.0 license, thus you can use Aimybox in any commercial projects and you don't have to open your source code.

Any Android developer can use Aimybox to embed voice assistant in any application or device under Android including robots, Raspberry Pi and etc.

Why it is better than Google Assistant

Aimybox is independent from any "global" ASR, TTS and NLU providers. It means that you can build your own voice user experience.

How to start using Aimybox

Just jump to our Github repository and go through tutorials and samples to start using all Aimybox features in your project.
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