Custom Payload

With custom payload you can create a custom skill that only returns a static response or responses array.

In this case you don't have to create any skill's logic using any tools like Aimylogic or Dialogflow. All you need - is to define the JSON payload that will be returned to your voice assistant.

How to use

You have to define payload JSON that contains a reply or an array of replies in the format of Aimybox HTTP API. For example

  "type": "text",
  "text": "There is some custom text"

If you need to send multiple replies you ca define JSON array

    "type": "image",
    "imageUrl": ""
    "type": "text",
    "text": "Some text"

Supported reply types

Please refer to the HTTP API to learn about supported reply types.

You can also use your own types if you have custom implementation of payload parsing using Android and iOS SDKs
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