Dialog API component enables your voice assistant to recognise the user's speech intention, perform some useful actions and return the meaningful response back to the user that can be synthesised by text to speech component.

Built-in dialog API libraries

Aimybox provides these ready to use NLU engine implementations:

AimyboxDialogAPI - processes each user's query through the Aimybox NLU service or direct webhook that implements Aimybox HTTP API

Dialogflow - ready to use connector for Google Dialogflow agent

Rasa AI - ready to use connector for Rasa AI

Aimybox NLP service can combine multiple voice skills driven by different NLP engines under the hood. Learn more

How to implement another NLU engine API

You can use another NLU engine in your voice assistant. Just implement DialogAPI interface and configure it when instantiate Aimybox.
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