What is Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a conversation platform created by Google.

It can be used to create custom voice skills for your Aimybox project and connect it to your voice assistant.

How to use Dialogflow

Just follow Dialogflow tutorials to create new agent. Then go through the next steps to connect it to your Aimybox project:

obtain service account for your Dialogflow agent

open downloaded JSON file and copy it's content

go to Aimybox console and create a new custom skill

select Dialogflow agent as a source of your custom skill and paste service account JSON content

Please note that your Dialogflow agent should contain intents with the same sample phrases as your Aimybox custom skill

Your Dialogflow agent should contain at least one intent that end the session

How to use Dialogflow without Aimybox console

If you need to use Dialogflow agent as a primary voice skill in your assistant and don't need to mix it wit other skills, you can use Dialogflow module directly instead of connecting to Aimybox API.
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