Aimybox's HTTP API enables you to connect every platform (voice or text) to your Aimybox's project. For example you can connect any device (not only Android and iOS based) or even a website to your project to enable users speak and chat with your voice project.

HTTP API Endpoint

The endpoint of Aimybox HTTP API is Every request to the API should be sent to the one of supported resources.

Every request should contain Content-Type: application/json header in the case of POST request method.

Every response has a JSON format of the body.


This resource processes the user's text or voice query through the particular project and returns the response from one of enabled voice skills of this project.

This resource accepts POST requests with the following body template

  "query": "Hello world", 
  "key": "vCfJsokYnKSkZJn4ymvWZwlZs93Wb", 
  "unit": "1568651666267",
  "data": {} 

query - the text of the recognised user's request
key - API key of the project
unit - unique identifier of the device from where the user sends the request

Please note, that in case of using HTTP API you should implement speech recognition and synthesis on your own if you plan to user this API from any device that should interact with user over voice
You can obtain the API key of your project in your project's settings on
Unit is an arbitrary identifier that should be generated by your system uniquely for every unique device

The response has the following JSON format

  "query": "2 + 2",
  "text": "4",
  "action": null,
  "intent": "/Calculator/Expression",
  "question": true,
  "data": {},
  "replies": [
      "text": "4",
      "type": "text"

query contains the original query's text from the request
text is a plain text response from one of the enabled skills
action is an optional and can contain the device-specified action of the recognised intent
intent contains a recognised user's intent
question flag defines if the device should continue the conversation with user
data JSON object provides additional parameters of the response
replies JSON array containing one or more responses from the skill

Reply types

Each reply has the type of the reply and additional fields with corresponding data.

Text reply
Image reply
Buttons type
Audio reply

Additional data

You can also include data field to the JSON body of the API request. This field can contain arbitrary JSON object with any data. This data can be used by any voice skill on the server-side.

For example you can provide current device's coordinates (latitude and longitude). Thus your weather voice skill could obtain the forecast for this place.

If you use Aimylogic webhook creating your custom skill, you can access this field through $ variable
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